Back on my feet

By Frank Lewis

September 24, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Maybe we don’t see the forest for the trees sometimes, but here in Scioto County we are blessed with two great hospitals, Southern Ohio Medical Center and King’s Daughters. It came back to my attention last week when, much to my misfortune, I ended up hospitalized for five days. The misfortune is a reference to my illness, but the kind of care I received at Southern Ohio Medical Center was extraordinary.

First, I have to say, if you have not seen the new section, it is beautiful. All are now single rooms, with all the bells and whistles. I was treated with great respect and top notch medical care. The equipment, the facilities, and most of all, the employees, made my stay not only bearable but extremely pleasant.

The nursing staff proved why they have Magnet status. They are thoughtful, focused, responsive, thorough, and personable - all of the things that I think are mandatory when you are under the weather.

I want to thank all of the nurses, technicians and other personnel who went out of their way to make my stay comfortable. I also want to thank my doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Hill, who was there on a regular basis, monitoring everything that was being done. I appreciate Dr. Hill and his staff for being there to answer all the questions that arise during treatment. They are kind and dedicated to their patients.

Let me also say a few words about my associates at the Daily Times. Where my absence created somewhat of a hole, everyone stepped up and filled in the gap so that the paper didn’t miss a beat. Having our Content Manager Bob Strickley and fellow reporters Wayne Allen and Portia Williams visit made the stay even more pleasant. I was also pleasantly surprised when one of our corporate executives, former Daily Times publisher, John Clark dropped in for a visit. I can tell you, when you are in the hospital flat on your back for several days you learn to appreciate those who care enough to take the time out of their busy days to check on you. Bob kept me up to speed on the news so that I didn’t miss a beat.

Friends like First Ward Councilman Kevin Johnson, my closest friend Richie Purdy, his grandson Eric, many of my church friends, and others also came by to help brighten my days. A special thanks also to SOMC’s Eric Kephas and CEO Randy Arnett for stopping in.

I was thoroughly informed about my new lifestyle and how to maintain it by personnel before I was dismissed, and came out wiser and more determined to do what I can to prevent being put back into that situation.

Now, the most important part of my recovery. Prayers went up from all over the area for me, and one of the medical personnel, whose name shall remain anonymous, came into my room where I was reading my bible and said - “you have something good there.”

I told her I agreed.

She then said - “Mr. Lewis, there’s your healer.”

She would be right. With that many prayers and well-wishes going out from all over the place, it is no wonder that a week after I was admitted to the hospital, I am back at my computer chasing the next story.

It is great to be back to the best job I have ever had.

Frank Lewis may be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 252, or at For breaking news, follow Frank on Twitter @FrankLewisPDT.