‘Terrific’ students rewarded at NB School

By Ryan Ottney

September 21, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

Being good is its own reward, but skipping class to go to a race car day with cotton candy is an even better reward. And that’s just what some of the K-6 students at New Boston School earned on Friday for meeting their goals and behaving in class.

New Boston Kiwanis on Friday hosted the first — what hopes to be monthly — Terrific Kids Day for village students at the New Boston Stadium.

“This program is setting goals for positive behavior,” said Kathy Bender, of New Boston Kiwanis. “They set their own goals, like ‘I’m not going to backtalk my teacher,’ or ‘I’m going to turn in all my homework,’ or ‘I’m going to not get any detentions.’”

Their teachers tracked those goals for them, and the students and their families could monitor their progress online at classdojo.com. Kids that have met their goals were rewarded by getting to participate in the Terrific Kids Day. Teacher Kevin Akers said he saw a definite positive change in his students.

“They were extremely excited when they heard about the reward they would get if they met their goal. So throughout the last couple weeks, I’ve seen an increase in interest to go online and check themselves,” Akers said. “They’re more aware of their actions each day in the classroom and out of the classroom.”

Each month the event will feature a different theme. This first one was race cars, and kids from the school got out of their classroom to see a few local race cars and meet their drivers. New Boston Fire Department was also at the stadium, along with go-cart racers an a few street cars. The cotton candy and popsicle gave a little relief from the heat.

“They have autographs books with them (for the race car drivers to sign) and after they get their autographs done, then we’ll bring them back to the stands and they’ll be presented with a Terrific Kids certificate,” Bender said.

She said most of the students got to participate — 204 in all — but a few didn’t meet their goals. She hopes this will encourage them to work harder so they can join in the fun at Terrific Kids Day next month.

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