SOMC births

By Portia Williams

September 15, 2013

Aug. 13

Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Keslar of Stout, son

Aug. 25

Frank and Jessica Clay of Rarden, daughter

Scott and Jennifer Spriggs of South Portsmouth, daughter

Amanda Dummitt of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Aug. 26

Jason and Bethany Raby of Minford, daughter

Nicholas and Tomi Eskridge of Wheelersburg, daughter

Amanda Puckett and Greg Conley of McDermott, daughter

Aug. 27

Tamela Wyrick of Lucasville, son

August 28

Travis and Emilia Ramsey of West Portsmouth, daughter

Joe and Lindsay (Bradshaw) Zaph of Wheelersburg, son

Kelsey Miller and Stephen Burchett of South Webster, son

Amanda Stout of Portsmouth, daughter

Aug. 29

Odith Smith and Ashley Horsley of Quincy, Ky., son

Aaron Bradley and Melissa King of Portsmouth, daughter

Strother Craft and Amber Trapp of Portsmouth, son

Austin and Kendra Harrison of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Cook of Portsmouth, daughter

Aug. 30

Kenny and Shaina Elrod of Franklin Furnace, son

Cirrus Vassar of Portsmouth, daughter

Beth Johnson and Troy Vogt of Portsmouth, daughter

Aug. 31

Hollianna Lockhart and Robert Brewer of Portsmouth, daughter

Whitney Wicker of Beaver, daughter

Sept. 1

Sarah and Josh Kingery of Minford, son

Sept. 2

Stephen and Laura Meyer of Manchester, son

Sept. 3

Doug and Whitney Young of Lucasville, daughter

Jeremy Jones and Bridget Risner of Oak Hill, daughter

David and Melissa Perkins of Franklin Furnace, son

Kayla Riffe and Ryan Munion of Wheelersburg, son

Sept. 4

Laken Salsgiver and Garrett Walker of Tollesboro, Ky., daughter

Mary Holtzapfel and Daniel Fout of Wheelersburg, daughter

Josh and Erica Shoemaker of Minford, daughter

Brittany Newman and Russell Newman of Lucasville, daughter

Kimberly and Rodney Jenkins of West Portsmouth, daughter

Matt and Kristi Rowland of Wheelersburg, daughter

Sept. 5

Justin and Crystal Leslie of Portsmouth, son

Justin Dixon and Rachel Howard of Portsmouth, daughter

Ashley and Adam Barton of Sciotoville, daughter

Sept. 6

Isaac Fenten and Julie Triggs of South Webster, daughter

Debra Craft and Robert Thurman of Portsmouth, daughter

Patricia Mae Tackett of Piketon, son

Alah Blevins and Josephe Blevins of Portsmouth, daughter

Anthony Sowards and Keshia Bentley of South Shore, Ky., daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Taylor of Rarden, son

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Holbrook of Lucasville, son

Chris Dixon and Mandy Crabtree of McDermott, son

Sept. 7

Brandon and Sarah Bazell of Franklin Furnace, son