Kids donate cans for homeless shelter

By Ryan Ottney

August 17, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

With less than a week left before heading back to school, kids at the 14th Street Community Center celebrated the end of summer at McKinley Pool in Portsmouth. The center takes kids on a trip to the pool every Tuesday and Thursday, but this week their admission was one can of food each, to be donated to the homeless shelter.

Nearly 100 kids participate in activities at the 14th Street Community Center in Portsmouth, and on Thursday about 55 of them walked to the pool with their canned food. During the canned food drive this week, the kids have donated about 100 cans of food for the homeless shelter.

“It’s wonderful. It’s always good to teach the kids to give back,” said Maureen Cadogan, from the homeless shelter. “Some of those kids come to the pantry, and now they’re able to turn around and give back. It’s a good thing to show them how to share.”

McKinley Pool will remain open through Labor Day (Sept. 2), but employees say they might only be open on weekends after kids go back to school.

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