Mosquito Joe takes the sting out of the summer

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July 3, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Mosquitoes do a lot of things, none of them are good. Most are a nuisance because they consume blood from living vertebrates, including humans. The females of many species of mosquitoes are blood-eating pests. In feeding on blood, some of them transmit extremely harmful human and livestock diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever and filariasis. Some authorities argue accordingly that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on Earth.

Enter, Mosquito Joe.

“I had a severe problem with mosquitoes, and couldn’t even go outside. To be honest, it was too bad, I told my wife - either I’m buying the equipment or we’re moving,” Jeff Holmes, a Portsmouth City School teacher said. “I bought some commercial equipment to take care of my own residential yard, and people started seeing how effective it was and people at work started asking about it, and I started taking care of my neighbors.”

That’s when he saw the situation as an opportunity to start a business in which he could help people and provide for his family at the same time. He went online and saw all the repellants such as sprays, the fans, citronella candles, and the propane units you put on your patio.

“All of those reviews were basically ineffective. The only thing that seemed to work was the commercial equipment, and I told my wife I was going to buy it,” Holmes said. “A buddy of mine came across it and saw the (Mosquito Joe) franchise. I thought I might check it out. I was already sold on its effectiveness, because after I used the product my family could go outside.”

Holmes said an application lasts approximately 21 days, then the sun and the heat break it down, so another application would then be needed.

“We don’t have any contracts, we just like to hear people say, ‘I’d like to be mosquito free all season,’ and we’ll keep coming back every approximately 21 days and treat their yard and their outdoor space so they can enjoy it,” Holmes said. “If they don’t want it more than that, they can let us know and we can stop it any time. We don’t have any contracts and we have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.”

Kevin Wilson, CEO of Mosquito Joe said his company’s concept is a simple one.

“Mosquitoes historically have been a problem for as long as you can remember,” Wilson said. “Historically, the way they have solved that problem is that it usually was the domain of city governments, trucks coming up and down the street with a big fogger spraying. People came up with ideas over the years such as mosquito magnets that were supposed to attract mosquitoes. Several years ago, Stihl, the large equipment manufacturer came up with the backpack sprayer that had a reservoir in it, and it became an ideal delivery mechanism for mixing water and chemicals that kill mosquitoes. What it has allowed us to do is to start a company where you can have a business that goes to people’s homes, gets into their back yard and their front yard and spray a barrier around their home.”

Wilson said, wherever there is foilage, Mosquito Joe sprays underneath the leaves where typically mosquitoes rest. When the mosquitoes make contact with the actual chemical, it kills them.

Holmes said the basic spray is $69, and right now Mosquito Joe’s is running a $39 special. He said that would cover anything up to a half acre.

Holmes said anyone with questions about the service can call 855-ASK-A-Joe, by checking them out on Facebook, or going to

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