Repair bids received for damaged bridge

June 18, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) opened bids on Friday, June 14 from contractors to replace a damaged steel beam on the closed 12th Street bridge in Ashland, Ky.

A total of four bids were received by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Kay & Kay Contracting LLC., submitted a bid of $152,250, Hall Contracting of Kentucky Inc., submitted a bid of $98,000, Intech Contracting LLC., submitted a bid of $83,230.01 and Evers Welding Co. Inc., submitted a bid of $52,400.

Kentucky Department of Transportation Engineer’s estimated the project to cost $66,500.

When asked how they proceed from this point, Allen Blair, Information Officer, KYTC Department of Highways District 9 said, “We have to take a look at the bid documents and make sure everything meets specifications. Once we check all of the bids out, the awards committee will meet to award a contract.”

When asked about a timetable moving forward, Blair said, “Typically it could take weeks to do that (get a contract awarded). But, we are trying to fast track this one. We’ll see if we can get it done as quickly as possible. With the bridge closed and the issues resulting, we’ve made this a priority project.”

The bridge was damaged when it was struck by an unknown vehicle on the Ohio approach of the bridge. The bridge carries traffic one way across the Ohio River from Ohio to Kentucky, linking U.S. routes 52 and U.S. 23.

KTC officials have temporarily converted Ashland’s 13th Street Bridge to two-way traffic while they await bids to come in for the project.

The KTC is advising motorists that traffic on U.S. 52 in Ohio will take the Ashland exit pass the closed 12th Street bridge, and turn right onto the 13th Street bridge. Cones will mark the lane to US 23-Winchester Avenue where all traffic must turn right. Northbound U.S. 23 vehicles may continue straight and southbound U.S. 23 traffic can take the truck detour using Greenup Avenue.

Southbound traffic on U.S. 23-Winchester Avenue will be restricted to one left-turn lane where they can turn left onto the 13th Street bridge (The dedicated left-turn lane has been eliminated to give incoming traffic more room to maneuver). Two lanes will then carry traffic across the bridge to access U.S. 52 toward either Ironton or South Point.

It is anticipated by officials that two-way traffic pattern on the 13th Street bridge will be in place for several months.

Blair said the contract specifies a completion date of July 31 for this project.

“This (completion date) is barring any kind of complications or any unforeseen things that might happen, such as weather. Also if there is any complication once they start the work. The repair is going to be to remove that beam and put another one in place, that sounds easy to do but, it’s never been done before on that bridge,” Blair said. “Our best plans right now is that we are asking it to be finished by July 31.”

According to Blair, to keep the public up to date with repair plans, the Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 has established a web page with detailed traffic maps, current bridge status, a project time line and other information. The public may access the web page at, or at by clicking “Ashland Bridges.”

For more information about the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 9 visit,

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