New game explores Mars

G. Sam Piatt

May 18, 2013

Land rovers and exploring the surface of Mars for water, minerals and other resources are only part of the new game, “Mars Colony: Challenger.”

Howard Dortch, video game instructor at Shawnee State University, has created the new 3-D game. It is a science-based simulation of colonization and survival on Mars.

“It is designed to span the gaps between hard core simulation, education and playable accessibility,” Dortch said. “The game pits you and your team against a series of life’s critical tasks, as well as scientific exploration on Mars.”

Players will test their communication and coordination skills in a team environment as they explore the surface of Mars for resources, as well as setup a remote outpost.

“There are no guns or aliens, just your wits and common sense,” Dortch said. “You will need to read the manual to survive.”

“Mars Colony: Challenger” puts the players down onto the planet into a cold base of operations, and they must quickly bring all of the necessary life support systems online, including food, water, fuel and air production.

Dortch is the president and chief game designer of HyperKat Games and has been providing high-quality, independent games that ignite interest in science and engineering for many years with more than 20 years’ experience in computer science and game programming.

For more information on “Mars Colony: Challenger,” go to Hyperkat’s Website at

Source: Shawnee State Communications