Receiving your April Showers

April 20, 2013

Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist

Your pleasant reminder for today is that April showers bring May flowers. I wonder what will your April showers bring you in the month of May? Showers provide moisture, freshness, and a stimulus for growth and may come in various patterns. They may be warm, cold, heavy or light.

You may wonder, what does this all mean? The showers in your life represent activities or actions which may add or take away value in your life. Your showers (or activities) can bring a refreshed awareness allowing you to open up and feel what you are bringing into your life.

If your showers are heavy, bringing you too much to absorb, you may feel overwhelmed with receiving so much in a short time period and come to a standstill in your life. You may then experience loss of value due to the added stress and lack of focus.

If your showers are light and consistent, they may give you a calming affect allowing you to take a deep breath and receive the learning experiences as valuable lessons. Adding value to your life from consistent showers of experiences gives you the opportunities to develop as a person and to invest in your family, career, and community.

Take a moment now to think about your life patterns and the type of past showers you have experienced. Were your showers hot and heavy leaving you overwhelmed and soaked with stress, were they warm, light, and consistent leaving you refreshed, or were they cold and dreary leaving you with a chill and feeling of loneliness?

Now, keep in mind that your position in life can determine the showers that come your way and how you receive them. You can position yourself by developing a solid foundation making your mental, spiritual, and physical self a priority which comes first on your list.

Start your day focusing on three areas: (1) ) Stimulate your spirit allowing two to three minutes of meditation,(2) Focus your mind on one to two positive actions that reflect your value and beliefs, (3) Take five to 10 minutes to invest in your physical body. You can begin with stretching your arms and legs and then walking in place.

You may suddenly think “I can’t afford to take 15 extra minutes for myself and my beliefs.” However, the good news is that when you take time out to position yourself for life showers, life showers will come down and position time, blessings, and benefits for you.

As I am constantly reminded, if you take care of your body and mind, your mind and body will take care of you!

I challenge you this month to position yourself to receive your showers and watch for your beautiful flowers in May.

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