21st Century Learning Center Program enriches local youth

March 21, 2013

Shawnee State University Outreach Services is helping middle school students by offering 21st Century Learning Center Programs to 10 participating schools.

The 21st Century LCP provides a safe place for homework centers, intensive mentoring in basic skills, drug and violence prevention counseling, and helps middle school students prepare for college preparatory courses in high school.

Several programs are available for LCP participants:

Communication and Tech Programs: The LCP offers short-term computer knowledge enrichment classes for students and their parents. Classes are taught by teachers and community members in computer labs in participating schools.

Homework Help and Tutoring: Each evening, participating students receive guidance from instructors regarding their homework assignments. For students with weaknesses in specific subject areas, tutoring is available.

Professional Development for Teachers: Shawnee State provides leadership and development to the ten participating schools. Program directors and site coordinators work onsite at each of the participating schools. Professional development is also provided.

Enrichment opportunities: The LCP offers a number of enrichment programs, including band classes, photography, and woodworking.

Drug and Violence Prevention: Led by local counseling centers, counseling, special education activities, and sessions will educate and encourage students and parents to be drug-free.

For more information, visit the 21st Century Learning Center Program website at www.shawnee.edu/off/uos/yep/clc.html.

Source: Shawnee State Communications