Former Portsmouth judge to hear case against Lawrence County commissioner

January 18, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Former Portsmouth Municipal Court Judge Richard T. Schisler has been brought in by Lawrence County to hear a case against Lawrence County Commissioner Leslie Boggs, accused of domestic violence involving his wife.

Schisler was brought in when Municipal Judge O. Clark Collins recused himself.

When the Daily Times contacted the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office to obtain a copy of the incident report, a spokeswoman at the sheriff’s office said the office currently has no access to e-mail, long-distance service on their phones — which prohibits faxing to Portsmouth — and no postage stamps.

A woman in the Lawrence County Commissioners Office said, “Everyone is affected. The bills haven’t been paid. It’s just because it’s ‘County General’ money, and there is no County General money,” the woman told the Daily Times.

The Daily Times contacted the Ironton Tribune for a copy of the incident report. According to the report, “Tara Boogs states on Monday, Jan. 14, 2013, when she arrived home, she walked in front of her husband, Leslie Boggs while he was playing a video game. He told her to move and they exchanged some words and she went upstairs. He followed, yelling at her. Once upstairs, they continued to argue, saying a few words to each other.”

The report goes on to say, “She states during this time he became violent and grabbed and pulled the back of her hair. She grabbed the cellphone out of her purse to call for help. During this time he took the phone away from her and left the residence. She states after he left, she called her attorney, Rick Faulkner from Scioto County and spoke with his secretary. She was advised to contact the sheriff’s office and file a report.”

The narrative, signed by deputy John Chapman, went on to say, “She states she fears for her safety and this isn’t the first time he has touched her. She also states she has given her attorney pictures of physical abuse to her person for (a) pending divorce.”

The report concludes there was no sign of any physical struggle and she received no injuries during the alleged incident.

“I spoke with Leslie and advised him of his Miranda Rights. During this time he refused to answer questions and stated he wanted to speak with his attorney,” Chapman said in his report.

The special prosecutor, Ironton attorney William Kennedy, said a third degree felony charge of distrupting public service was dismissed at the request of Tara Boggs.

Leslie Boggs, 51, was charged with a first degree misdemeanor after being arrested at his home. He entered a plea of not guilty through his attorney, Scott Evans.

Schisler continued bond as well as a temporary protection order, that order prohibits Boggs and his wife from residing together. Schisler set a pretrial date for Feb. 21 at 10 a.m.

Leslie Boggs was elected County Commissioner in 2008 and had just began his second four-year term on Jan. 1. He served as president of the Commission for two years. Commissioner Bill Pratt was appointed president earlier in the day on Jan. 14, the day of the incident.

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