Eden Park sewer project underway

January 16, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

According to Joe Delong, Scioto County Sanitary Engineer, the $2.3 million dollar Eden Park Sewer Project is underway. He said the general contractor J&H Erectors has been doing some prep work and plan to get started next week.

“Crews have started doing some clearing and they will not start digging until the Jan. 21. They are waiting on power for the office trailer, phone lines and other things,” Delong said.

He said this project will be a good thing for the residents of the area and will help cleanup Munn’s Run.

The Scioto County Commissioners passed a resolution establishing a mandatory hookup of sewer taps and establishing a deadline for connection to the sewer project.

In the resolution, homeowners are given 90 days after the system is installed to comply with the resolution.

“The Scioto County Board of Health has passed a resolution stating that the reason for the Eden Park Sewer Project is to reduce or eliminate an existing health problem or hazard of water pollution,” the resolution states.

The resolution also orders homeowners to stop, “the discharge of sewage or other waste into a cesspool, ditch, private sewer, privy, septic tank or other outlets,” once the system is installed.

Delong said the system will serve about 230 residents and businesses. Once installed, the Eden Park Sewer Project will run along Ohio 139 and Munn’s Run northeast of New Boston.

Construction is estimated to take about a year to complete.

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