Health Coalition meets with spirit of unity

January 11, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Health Coalition met at the ADAMHS (Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services) Board on Seventh Street in Portsmouth Friday and discussed a variety of issues including upcoming events.

During the All Hands Committee, the group was given a tour of the Coalition’s website.

“Health is something that we all have in common, it makes no difference if you are a community member, retired or your a veteran, we all share this. The health of the community benefits everyone or it hurts everyone,” All Hands Committee Chairman, State Representative Dr. Terry Johnson said. “We’ve had some rough times looking at some data that’s very unfavorable concerning the health of our community. When we work together to fix this, we help everything and everybody.”

He said the creation of the Scioto County Health Coalition is one of the most forward looking things that has happened within the community.

“We also need to remember the Coalition has a regional focus, not just Scioto County, because we are all interlinked,” Johnson said.

He said with all of the committees and the different tasks they are taking on, the organization is picking up momentum.

“At first we were wondering how it would come together and how we could keep everyone together. We have great health organizations within our community SOMC, KDMC and Compass Community Health among others, have been doing a good job. What we have not done in the past is work together. Now we are going to start working together to solve problems,” Johnson said.

According to,, “the coalition is organized around the concept of a super coalition meeting the second Friday of every month. The day consists of six workshops: the Wellness Committee, the Medical/Clinical Committee, the Economic Development Committee, the Code Enforcement Task Force, the Community Initatives Committee, and the Scioto County Drug Action Team Alliance.”

It was announced the ADAMHS Board location would be the permanent meeting space for the coalition.

Some of the features of the coalition website include a detailed description of each of the committees and subcommittees along with the activities they are working on as well as the roll they are playing within the group. Other features of the site include a calendar of upcoming events.

For more information about the Scioto County Health Coalition and for ways to help visit,

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