Release party set for new album

December 14, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

F.A.M. is hosting a release party, Saturday for their first album, ‘Thirst Quencher.’ The party is set to start at 10 p.m. at Woody’s located at 1018 Clay street in Portsmouth.

“We are releasing our debut album called Thirst Quencher. This is something we’ve worked really hard on and are excited to let the public hear it,” said Drew Carter, a member of the group. “We wrote what we felt at the time and whatever we were going through at the time we wrote about it and put it on the record.”

Carter said the genre that bes describes the album is Hip-Hop. The album includes songs like, ‘Break it on down’ that talks about Portsmouth and the members roots.

Carter said the group just made a video for the song ‘Intifada’ and it can be seen on youtube.

“Intifada is Arabic, for uprising. What we are saying is, there is an uprising of Hip-Hop. A lot of rappers talk about things they really don’t do. They focus on a lot of negativity and gangster music,” Carter said. “Our music is based on reality and real life situations. We are coming at this with a different format.”

Copies of the album will be sold at the release party or people can visit the band on facebook or at or call 740-821-6822.

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