Police and fire test scores certified

December 13, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Scioto County Civil Service Commission interim secretary Jo Ann Aeh says the commission has certified the test scores of the candidates for the Portsmouth Police Department and the Portsmouth Fire Department.

The top five grades on the police exam belong with Joseph E. Flannagan, who scored 103.2 including veteran’s credit; Kyle W. Henson, 96.6 with veteran’s credit; Robert Elijah Riddle, with a score of 96.0 with veteran’s credit; Roscoe Kelcey Nance, with a 93.6 including veteran’s credit, and Jacob K. Newman, who scored a 92.4, also with veteran’s credit.

Others who passed the test by scoring 70 or above, include Corey Fischer, Justin Bittinger, Frankie Harper, Matthew David Keating, Kenneth Howell, Taylor Scott Culbertson, Stephanie Davis, Harold Benjamin Collins, Brandon Heighton, Sean Payton, Gregory A. July, Bret Andrew Collier, John Riepenhoff, Christopher Prater, Nathaniel Henson, Derik A. Oliver, Johnathon Ruggles, Kyle McCain, Stephen Andrew Rice, Justin Teufel, Dustin Kane Deemer, Cory Patrick, Kevin Lewis, Jonathan Ray Chandler, Robert Myers, Joel Jenkins and Jacob Arnett.

“The process is that once the Mayor certifies to the Civil Service Commission that we have openings and how many openings we have, the Commission will certify three names per opening, I believe is how it goes,” Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Ware said. “That’s one of those issues where there are conflicts between the local Civil Service Rules and the state statutes. At the meeting they were debating which one they were going to follow, as they make determinations as to what changes we should make to the local rules. That’s one of those areas they are examining - do we only certify three names or do we certify 10 names.”

Ware said he prefers the certification of 10 names because if the first three would be disqualified for any reason, the chiefs would not have to go back for three more names.

‘This commission is assuring us that they are going to act a lot quicker than the past history has shown,” Ware said.

The top five scores on the fire department list includes, Ryan James Souders with 99 including veteran’s credit; Justin Thuma, with 93.6 with veteran’s credit; Kyle W. Henson, 91.8 with veteran’s credit; John Turner with 88.5 and Kevin A. Cline with 84.5.

Also scoring 70 or above were, Derik A. Oliver, Ryan Tabor, Benjamin D. Matthews, Aaron Lockhart, Crystal Breech, Derrick Webb, Christopher Prater, Brandon Shirey, Nathaniel Henson, Jeffery A. Craig, Jack E. Saunders, III, Jacob Arnett, Brett Sparks, Robert C. Shepherd, Shawn T. Whitt, Paul Webb, Elijah Garrett, Kyle Cline, Ryan Hayes and Travis Gilkison.

Commission Rule VIII, Section 4 reads, “If two or more candidates receive the same final grade, their rank shall be determined by priority of filing application….; provided that applicant is qualified for veteran’s preference shall receive priority in rank on the eligible list over non-veterans on the list with a rating equal to that of the veteran.”

“From my perspective I’m pleased to see there’s a lot of military veterans on there, especially since we have some grant funding that we can potentially take advantage of to hire post-911 veterans,” Ware said. “Thirty-two passed it for us. Based on recent history, that’s a nice number.”

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