Bids opened on Eden Park Sewer Project

Chris Dunham

October 9, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 5 a bid opening was held on the Eden Park Sewer Project. There were three bidders on the project with the lowest bid coming from J&H Erectors of Portsmouth for $2.2 million.

According to Joe Delong, Scioto County Sanitary Engineer, the projects three bidders were J&H Erectors, Fields Excavating and Distel Construction.

“The engineers are now verifying the totals are correct. They will send us a letter stating what they recommend. The commissioners will approve, then we’ll send it to USDA Rural Development and get it going,” Delong said. “I would say within a month we will be ready to start construction.”

Recently the Scioto County Commissioners passed a resolution establishing a mandatory hookup of sewer taps and establishing a deadline for connection to the sewer project.

In the resolution, homeowners are given 90 days after the system is installed to comply with the resolution.

“The Scioto County Board of Health has passed a resolution stating that the reason for the Eden Park Sewer Project is to reduce or eliminate an existing health problem or hazard of water pollution,” the resolution states.

The resolution also orders homeowners to stop, “the discharge of sewage or other waste into a cesspool, ditch, private sewer, privy, septic tank or other outlets,” once the system is installed.

Three months ago the commissioners passed a resolution authorizing the “quick take” by eminent domain for an easement on the last parcel of property necessary to start construction on the Eden Park Sewer System.

According to court documents, a “judgment entry” was issued by Judge William Marshall against David Horner who is the owner of 351 Hinkley Hollow Road, Portsmouth.

In the three-page judgment, Marshall orders an easement granted to Scioto County on the property. The judgment further orders the defendants (Horner), “herein are forever barred from asserting any right, title or interest in the premises that is subject of this action. It is further ordered that the value of the property or property of interest appropriated herein and damages, if any, to the residue shall be in the sum of $700.”

The judgment states, “a good faith offer was made at least 30 days prior to the filing of this action and the parties have been unable to agree on a conveyance or the terms of a conveyance prior to the filing of the above case.”

According to Delong, the easement runs through a portion of the front yard on Horners’ property.

Once installed, the Eden Park Sewer Project will run along Ohio 139 and Munn’s Run northeast of New Boston and will serve 245 homes and businesses.

Construction is estimated to take about a year to complete.

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