Shawnee Mental Health Center to hold coat drive

John Stegeman, PDT Sports Editor

October 4, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Courtney Vastine of Shawnee Mental Health Center says there is still a need for warm coats among many people in southern Ohio. That’s why Shawnee Mental Health Center will be hosting a winter coat/clothes drive to help those in need stay warm this winter season.

“Based on the population that we have worked with, we notice this is a need for community members,” Vastine said. “They still have to get out in the cold of winter and maybe they don’t have enough to wear. So we are specifically focusing on those in need to make sure they are able to stay warm.”

Vastine said the drive will be held Saturday, Oct. 20 from 12-4 p.m. and members of the community can drop off winter coats or clothes they wish to donate at Shawnee Mental Health Center, located at 901 Washington St. in Portsmouth.

Vastine said this isn’t the first time the center has conducted such a drive.

“I think it was done in the past, maybe a few years ago,” Vastine said. “And we’re just looking to try to get the community involved to help some people who might be struggling out this winter.”

Vastine explained the procedure they will follow once the coats and clothing are collected.

“After we collect all of the coats, they will be cleaned. And we’re going to sort them out by sizes,” Vastine said. “We have people who come to the center for help and if they need a coat, they can pick one up. Also, if we have any coats left over we donate them to the community around Christmas time.”

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