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Bob Strickley

PDT Content Manager

As is typically the case, the Girls Southeast All-District lists were heavily laden with talented players from the area.

In Division II, Bri Wiget of Waverly was the lone performer from the area to earn honors, landing on the Special Mention list.

In Division III, Leanna Adkins of Oak Hill, Tori Leader of Portsmouth West, and Lexie Barrier of Ironton each earned spots on the First Team roster.

Kyle Berry of Minford, Peighton Williams of Portsmouth, Fay Proehl of Wheelersburg, Ariel Schweickart of Ironton and Valley’s McKenzie Coriell each played their way into Second Team honors in Div. III.

Area players that made the Third Team roster in Div. III were Darbie Jenkins of Northwest, Sydney Holden of Wheelersburg, Taylor Conley of Portsmouth West, Ashlee Lawhorn of Piketon, Baylee Wallace of Peebles Oak Hill’s Paige Roseberry, Valley’s Bethany Conley and Sidney Pell of Peebles.

K’lee McClurg of Northwest, Alex Ridout of Portsmouth West, Lexie Washington of Ironton and Peebles’ Taylor Brown earned Special Mention in Div. III.

Division IV First Team performers from the area included Jen Arnzen of Notre Dame and Chandler Brown of Eastern.

Earning Second Team spots in Div. IV were Guilia Elli of Green, Emily Widdowson of Clay, Mercedes Tackett of East, South Webster’s Kaci Messer, Brittany Mounts of Eastern and Brittany Reader of Western.

Div. IV Third Team honors went to Kiersten McGraw of New Boston, Katie Redding of Clay, Kacie Hall of South Webster, Kalli Hunt of Symmes Valley, Eastern’s Carson Roney, Erin Brewster of Western and Brooke Pierron of Notre Dame.

Special Mention honors in Div. IV went to area players Lexie Gilliland of Clay, Tiffany Craft of East, Jessie Monroe of East, Gracie Waddell of Symmes Valley, Eastern’s Rhyanna Day, Chrissy Woods of Western and Madi Phillips of Notre Dame.

The complete list:


Second Team

Ashley Frasure, Logan, 6-1, Jr., 9.3; Bri Dawes, Chillicothe, 5-6, So., 13.4

Special Mention

Taylor Myers, Logan; Jenna Holton, Chillicothe

No Player or Coach of the Year selected due to lack of schools


First Team

Kyleigh Wyeth, Lancaster Fairfield Union, 5-9, Sr., 12.2; Erica Dawson, Marietta, 5-9, Sr., 28.0; Dominique Doseck, Athens, 5-7, So., 20.1; Alexis Overly, Chillicothe Unioto, 5-8, So., 16.0; Madison Ridout, Jackson, 5-9, Jr., 15.3; Lydia Poe, Jackson, 6-2, Jr., 13.7; Deidre McKay, Washington Court House Miami Trace, 5-7, Sr., 13.5; Anna Voris, Lancaster Fairfield Union, 5-7, Sr., 16.8

Player of the Year: Erica Dawson, Marietta

Coaches of the Year: Wayne Horsley, Athens; Steve Clippinger, Lancaster Fairfield Union

Second Team

Taylor Saxton, Circleville Logan Elm, 5-6, Sr., 12.5; Molli Shaw, Wash. C.H. Washington, 5-11, Sr., 9.8; Brett Justice, South Point, 6-0, Jr. 12.0; Emma Ryan, Vincent Warren, 5-11, Sr., 10.1; Emma Stanley, Athens, 6-1, Sr., 6.5; Caitlyn Owings, McArthur Vinton County, 5-11, Sr., 12.5; Jordanna Rauch, Vincent Warren, 5-7, Sr., 13.0; Sydney Wycinski, New Lexington, 5-7, Sr., 21.8; Shania Massie, Greenfield McClain, 5-6, So., 16.5; Abby Schwenk, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace, 6-0, Jr. 9.0

Third Team

Carleigh Chaffins, Wash. C.H. Washington, 5-6, So., 11.4; Nikki Young, Circleville Logan Elm, 5-6, Sr., 10.6; Rebekah Branham, Circleville, 5-7, Jr., 9.5; Paige Swaggerty, Williamsport Westfall, 5-7, Sr., 8.6; Kendra Barnes, Gallipolis Gallia Academy, 5-2, So., 13.0; Kaylynn Bell, Hillsboro, 5-8, So., 15.5; Tara Karnes, Greenfield McClain, 5-10, Jr., 14.0; Autumn Hall, Thornville Sheridan, 5-4, Sr., 14.9

Special Mention

Courtney Hanna, Lancaster Fairfield Union; Courtney Bernard, Lancaster Fairfield Union; Ariana Mabra, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace; Josie Cobb, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace; Kala Strong, Circleville Logan Elm; Darbi Brewer, Circleville; Jessica Miller, Williamsport Westfall; Micah Curfman, Gallipolis Gallia Academy; Chelsy Slone, Gallipolis Gallia Academy; Kaitlyn Cozzens, Marietta; Elyse Lutz, Athens; Olivia Harris, Athens; Emily Zinn, McArthur Vinton County; Xan Hale, McArthur Vinton County; Mallory Retherford, Chillicothe Unioto; Bri Wiget, Waverly; Taylor Gittings, Thornville Sheridan; Trista Rhodes, Hillsboro; Kari Jenkins, Jackson


First Team

Terra Stapleton, Proctorville Fairland, 6-4, Jr., 17.4; Jenny Grigsby, Frankfort Adena, 5-9, Sr., 17.0; Laney Lewis, Lynchburg-Clay, 6-2, Sr., 19.2; Leanna Adkins, Oak Hill, 5-7, Jr., 18.6; Emily Fite, Seaman North Adams, 5-11, Sr., 19.4; Tori Leader, W. Portsmouth Portsmouth West, 5-10, Sr., 21.5; Lexie Barrier, Ironton, 5-10, Fr., 13.7

Player of the Year: Terra Stapleton, Proctorville Fairland

Coaches of the Year: Jon Buchanan, Proctorville Fairland; Jeran Cox, Frankfort Adena

Second Team

Kylie Berry, Minford, 5-8, Jr., 10.3; Peighton Williams, Portsmouth, 5-8, So., 20.0; Fay Proehl, Wheelersburg, 5-8, Sr., 14.7; Madison Davis, Nelsonville-York, 5-11, So., 12.8; Chandler Fulks, Proctorville Fairland, 5-5, Jr., 12.4; Ariel Schweickart, Ironton, 5-6, Sr., 11.7; Hayley Carle, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 5-11, Jr., 12.0; Natalie Cooper, Frankfort Adena, 5-8, Sr., 10.7; Shelbi Van Meter, Crooksville, 5-10, Jr., 15.7; Charlene Stout, Bainbridge Paint Valley, 6-1, Sr., 14.0; McKenzie Coriell, Lucasville Valley, 5-5, Sr., 12.4; Cady Gilmore, Bidwell River Valley, 5-5, Sr., 16.2; Ashley Adkins, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant, 5-6, Sr., 15.0

Third Team

Darbie Jenkins, McDermott Northwest, 5-8, So., 12.6; Sydney Holden, Wheelersburg, 5-9, Fr., 12.5; Kaylee Koker, Albany Alexander, 5-7, Sr., 15.5; Taylor Conley, W. Ports. Portsmouth West, 5-9, Jr., 8.4; Shelby True, Nelsonville-York, 5-11, Sr., 10.3; Brook Knipp, Ironton Rock Hill, 5-4, Sr., 12.6; Jacy Jones, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant, 5-6, So., 10.0; Kylan Strausbaugh, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 5-8, Jr., 12.0; Laci Stanforth, Bainbridge Paint Valley, 5-9, Jr., 11.0; Ashlee Lawhorn, Piketon, 5-8, So., 11.2; Baylee Wallace, Peebles, 6-0, Jr., 14.6; Paige Roseberry, Oak Hill, 5-10, Sr., 11.8; Bethany Conley, Lucasville Valley, 5-9, Jr., 9.1; Jackie Kellough, Chillicothe Huntington, 5-10, Sr., 10.0; Sidney Pell, Peebles, 5-9, Jr., 14.0; Kelsey Riley, Proctorville Fairland, 5-8, So., 7.0

Special Mention

K’Lee McClurg, McDermott Northwest; Alex Ridout, W. Ports. Portsmouth West; Brittany Krautter, Pomeroy Meigs; Lexie Washington, Ironton; Katie Johnson, Ironton Rock Hill; Morgan Geno, Chillicothe Zane Trace; Michelle Ackley, Frankfort Adena; Logan Gobel, Chillicothe Southeastern; Ariel Sams, Chillicothe Huntington; Brianna Finck, Crooksville; Natasha Barr, West Union; Taylor Brown, Peebles; Kayla Siegla, Sardinia Eastern Brown; Maria Johnson, Sardinia Eastern Brown; Taelor Folden, Wellston; Chelsea McManaway, Wellston; Hailey Hice, Chillicothe Southeastern; Caitlin Stone, Proctorville Fairland; Sydnee Hall, Chesapeake; Jordan Porter, Chesapeake


First Team

Hannah Miller, Ironton St. Joseph, 5-9, So., 19.8; Jenna Burdette, Reedsville Eastern, 5-9, Jr., 18.1; Brooke Drayer, Waterford, 5-8, Sr., 14.7; Jen Arnzen, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 6-2, Sr., 19.7; Heather Cox, Leesburg Fairfield, 6-0, Jr., 20.0; Chandler Brown, Beaver Eastern, 5-7, Sr., 13.0

Players of the Year: Jenna Burdette, Reedsville Eastern; Brooke Drayer, Waterford

Coach of the Year: Brett Bostic, Crown City South Gallia

Second Team

Giulia Elli, Franklin Furnace Green, 5-6, Sr., 15.0; Emily Widdowson, Portsmouth Clay, 5-6, Jr., 13.8; Mercedes Tackett, Sciotoville Community East, 6-0, Sr., 17.6; Kaci Messer, South Webster, 5-6, Sr., 12.9; Katelyn Hughes, Belpre, 5-7, Fr., 14.0; Chelsey Paxton, Waterford, 5-8, Sr., 8.7; Jordan Parker, Reedsville Eastern, 5-10, Jr., 12.5; Ellie Bostic, Crown City South Gallia, 5-11, Sr., 12.2; Meghan Caldwell, Crown City South Gallia, 5-11, Sr., 12.4; Brittany Mounts, Beaver Eastern, 5-10, Sr., 9.0; Brittany Reader, Latham Western, 5-9, Sr., 15.0

Third Team

Kiersten McGraw, New Boston Glenwood, 5-9, Jr., 13.0; Katie Redding, Portsmouth Clay, 5-0, Jr., 11.2; Kacie Hall, South Webster, 5-6, Fr., 13.9; Amber Neal, Ironton St. Joseph, 5-6, So., 13.3; Sierra Barker, Belpre, 5-5, So., 16.2; Kalli Hunt, Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 5-10, Jr., 11.4; Cheyenne Singer, Stewart Federal Hocking, 5-11, Jr., 12.2; Demi Moore, Glouster Trimble, 5-6, Sr., 7.2; Erin Swatzel, Reedsville Eastern, 6-0, Jr., 10.1; Emma Wardlow, Mowrystown Whiteoak, 5-5, Fr., 13.3; Carson Roney, Beaver Eastern, 6-0, Fr., 12.0; Erin Brewster, Latham Western, 5-8, Fr., 4.0; Hannah Ridout, Manchester, 5-11, Jr., 10.6; Brooke Pierron, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 5-8, So., 10.1

Special Mention

Lexie Gilliland, Portsmouth Clay; Tiffany Craft, Sciotoville Community East; Jessie Monroe, Sciotoville East; Gracie Waddell, Willow Wood Symmes Valley; Emily Hughes, Belpre; Taylor Hilverding, Waterford; Dani Drayer, Waterford; Ali Bray, Corning Miller; Celestia Hendrix, Racine Southern; Jansen Wolfe, Racine Southern; Katie Keller, Reedsville Eastern; Savannah Hawley, Reedsville Eastern; Rachel Johnson, Crown City South Gallia; Jasmyne Johnson, Crown City South Gallia; Kaitlin Evans, Leesburg Fairfield; Rhyanna Day, Beaver Eastern; Chrissy Woods, Latham Western; Haylee Adams, Manchester; Rainelle Casey, Manchester; Madi Phillips, Portsmouth Notre Dame

Bob Strickley can be reached at 353-3101, ext. 296, or bstrickley@civitasmedia.com.

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